You deserve a doula!

A doula is an investment in your health, comfort, and well-being.

Combining her wealth of knowledge in reproductive health and her dedication to provide continuous support, Summer will prepare you for what to expect while also incorporating your birth preferences and desires. Summer's goal is to optimize your birth and postpartum experience with evidence-based information and comfort measures. Through birth, creating life is beautiful and Summer wants to be your guide as you navigate your pregnancy, the birth of your baby, and beyond!

First, start with a free consultation. Schedule here!

Start with a meet and greet consultation where you can ask questions and see if we are a good fit. If you decide you would like to work together, you can choose from the following packages or custom sessions.

Custom Sessions:

Summer serves people of all backgrounds and income levels. If you're not interested in the full birth or postpartum packages or it is outside your financial means, we can tailor a program that meets your needs!

You can choose amongst the following topics to have one or multiple custom sessions.

  • Being Present at Your Birth: on-call for labor starting after 38 weeks of pregnancy, continuous labor and delivery support, postpartum support up to 2 hours after birth

  • Birth Planning: review your wishes and goals, recommended questions for your provider (doctor and/or midwife), pain management and induction options, newborn care options, emergency or non-emergent c-section plan, follow-up with birth plan document

  • Labor Preparation: comfort measures, pain management, counter pressure, breathing and pushing techniques, incorporating your 5 senses and love languages at your birth setting

  • Postpartum Planning: mental health resources, practices for physical healing, nutrition and postpartum recipes, division of household labor, community support, newborn care resources, lactation and feeding skills

Basic Birth Package​​:

  • Up to 3 Prenatal Sessions (1 to 2 hours each) that will cover:

    • Wellness check-ins

    • Birth plan & envisioning your birth

    • Birth affirmations, your fears, and excitements

    • Breaking the fear/tension/pain cycle

    • Your 5 senses, love languages, and birth

    • Overview of the stages of labor

    • Birth rehearsal​ and in-person review of comforting touch, birth positions, counter pressure, breathwork

    • Postpartum planning

    • Partner(s)/support person(s) involvement during labor and postpartum

  • On-call for Labor starting after 36 weeks of pregnancy

    • 24/7 phone/video/text support

    • Continuous physical and emotional support during labor and delivery

    • Immediate postpartum support up to 2 hours after birth

  • 1 Daytime Postpartum Visit

    • At your home (3 to 5 days after birth)

    • Debrief the birth

    • Check-in for birthing person and partner(s)/support person(s)

  • Open text/email lines of communication leading up to birth for informational and emotional support, including applicable resources as your pregnancy progresses

  • Referrals to care providers and community resources for needs beyond my scope of practice

Extended Birth & Postpartum Packages:

  • A postpartum doula nurtures the new parent so that you and your new family have the space to rest and bond undisturbed.

  • The Extended Birth & Postpartum Package includes everything in the Basic Birth Package plus the following within 1 month of the birth. You can also request postpartum only support.

  • My extended packages consist of the total amount of hours you'd like for in-person postpartum support where you can mix and match the type of visits.

  • Packages:

    • 10 hours

    • 20 hours

    • 30 hours

  • Types of Visits:

    • Postpartum daytime visit: min 2 hours, max 8 hours

    • Postpartum nighttime visit: min 8 hours, max 12 hours each

  • Postpartum visits may include

    • Baby Care: changing, soothing, or feeding baby while you shower, eat, rest

    • In-home: light cleaning and sibling support

    • Lactation & Feeding: getting a good latch, comfortable feeding holds, help with increase or decrease in milk, paced bottle feeding, resources for IBCLC support

    • Physical Recovery: troubleshooting issues around rest, stooling, vagina/perineum healing, and/or belly healing after c-section

    • Mental Health Support: listening ear and reassurance, resources for new parent groups

    • Partner(s) and support person(s) check-in

If you are interested in working together, inquire here for pricing and more info!