Summer's Story

Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is even more powerful!

Summer has always been passionate about reproductive health. When she was a Sexual Health Educator, she loved teaching students how to have safe sex (i.e. how to properly put on a condom, birth control options, etc.) while emphasizing consent and sexual pleasure. Her friends were also asking her questions about sexual health in their own sex lives and relationships!

Studying Public Health, Summer learned about the gaps in America’s healthcare system and that birthing people, especially people of color, were not getting the care that they needed. These interests turned into learning more about pregnancy and how to support people through the perinatal period.

As a Program Manager, Summer's role was to de-risk projects and keep her colleagues aware of updates that impacted their deliverables. She missed the world of reproductive health and decided to pivot her career to birth work and bring that type of planning into birth work for growing families!

Now as a doula, Summer provides non-judgmental continuous care to expecting families and shares the wealth of evidence-based information she has, so you can feel empowered to choose the type of birth you want and birth how you want. Summer will guide you through what to expect throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. By aligning your options with your values and desires, you will make decisions that are right for you, your body, and your baby.

In America we typically do not have comprehensive birthing education, so when we think about birth, there’s usually a lot of fear. Summer wants to break the fear/tension/pain cycle. She will make the information about the stages of labor, various comfort measures, and breathing techniques fun, intimate, and tailored to you. Birth is a rite of passage full of power, wisdom, and trust in one’s body. She will be by your side as you welcome your baby into this world!

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What Summer likes to do in her free time

Summer loves drawing, crocheting, crafting, yoga, trying new restaurants, watching movies, and reading -- she always has a book by her side!